What we're about

Dear you,

I am here creating this space to reach out to those open minded people that struggle with themselves, their careers, emotions and beliefs. If you already had your fair share of frustrations, and have been long waiting for a hint to change your life around, perhaps you should stop by.

I represent nobody, neither have nothing to sell, and over the last seven years I lived one day at a time on a quest to finding out answers to our struggles, having the peace of mind that if I couldn't make sense out of my own life, I could always end it. It's hard to tell if what I just said resonates with you or was a bit too personal, but along the journey I learned that shifting the reasons why you live for can unfold into powerful insights that will change the way you see, feel and think about everything.

Until hearing from you, I won't know if you are a match to what I have to say, or if your gut feeling is pulling hard for a meaningful change. But there's a reason why so many doors shut themselves right on our face, and at times, what you think you want in life is not exactly what you actually need. For those out there that surrendered their minds repeating to yourself "that's just the way life is..." this won't work out for you. This group is oriented to those good hearted people that always played fair, respecting, supporting and caring for others besides the odds. Yet life managed to kick their rear countless times until that driving force starts wearing down, pushing gets tiring and you begin questioning your purpose, your choices and yourself. Have you been there?

If you ever did, you probably know that the "self questioning" stage can get very long, tough and lonely. Those with someone around to rely on may soon realize how awkward your mood becomes to others. It doesn't take long to feel better off alone than trying hard to explain yourself to anyone on a different mindset.

Do you have someone to talk to?

From my own personal experience I would say that you need someone willing to listen to you with no attachments, no hidden agenda and driven by the overwhelming gratitude of having made it out of it as a whole, non broken being. You may have just found the one.

Whom might be a good match for the group?

Particularly anyone going through this stage where you start questioning your life, yourself, what you believe in, what you look after, what you do, your drive, your desire to find something meaningful to live for. Your true purpose, you.

Is this a depression support group?

No it is not. This is a move on, change your life around, and stop living in the past, group. You'll be inspired to look after a new beginning. A fresh start. By yourself and for yourself. No promises. No strings attached.

A few things that you should resonate with?

A life change, stronger sense of intuition, sensitive or emotional around negative people, tired of living this life, seeking answers you don't seem to find in faith, simplify your life, change what you eat, feeling more alive, give myself another chance, forgiveness, a fresh start.

Things we won't be focused on.

Preaching any kind of religion, talking of gods, goddesses, salvation, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, mediumship and channeling, among some other related subjects.

Whom is this group meant for?

This group is meant for people up to a fresh open-minded start, with no spiritual background, willing to explore their life experiences beyond the logic, learn about themselves, those around, their behaviour, and evaluate the cause and effect behind each challenge and what you can do to turn things around.

If you feel you may benefit from joining this group, please keep things simple and your mind open. This may just start with two of us talking over coffee (tea for me). There's no spiritual center to join, church, classroom, awarded spoke master from some mystic temple, neither a secret three steps program to some sort of enlightenment.

I'll be happy to share some of my personal time to help others facing a similar scenario to the one I once was at, with the pure intent of listening and offer support whenever possible, at a public local place of convenience announced within the group members. By participating you understand that everything said is private to the group members and does not represent professional advice. You shall participate at your own discretion and the group reserves the right to invite anyone off the meetup if its participation does not match our objectives.

All members request to become part of the group will be subject to evaluating your motives and interests once the initial contact has been made.
It is important to highlight that any new aspirant should be a good energy match for the group, and standing on a legitimate position of someone new to its pre-awakening state and willing to learn. For those out there seeking room into a fresh group to spread the word of some other groups with classes, awarded life coaches and what not for sale, feel free to share your commercial ideas somewhere else.

By the way, you are here for a reason...
Take one step outside the box.

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