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APRIL Death Cafe 4-16-14

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LOCATION: Death Café meets at China Sun, 108 West 39th Street, between Avenue of the Americas & Broadway. In exchange for your Paypal payment of $11, we enjoy China Sun's carpeted private balcony for an hour and a half, with endless pots of tea and small plates of savory foods (such as scallion pancakes, vegetable noodle soup and fresh oranges and lychees). If you order other dishes at China Sun, that separate check becomes your responsibility.

Note: China Fun's second story balcony is not handicapped-accessible.

No-Shows and Wanna-Be-There(s):

If you are not coming, even if it's a last minute decision, please have the courtesy of RSVP-ing "NO" on our page so your seat can be filled by someone who really wants to be here. If you discover this Meetup is full by the time you RSVP, no worries. We have a waiting list deployed and attendance has been expanded to 50, so there will always be that random cancellation. If you're looking for a Death Café closer to home (or a more structured version where the host leads the conversation), check out our Meetup page entitled "All NYC Death Cafés by Location (" to join Death Cafés located in other parts of the city.

"OVERHEARD NUGGETS": If you hear some really memorable things said or overheard at Death Café, please race home to write it down on our Facebook page ( Or email ( your hosts through so we can capture it on our Overheard Nuggets ( page.

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Audrey and Nancy