"Basics of Electricity" class

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Summertime is here so it's time to go back to school - at Decatur Makers.

We'll be offering the "Basics of Electricity" at the space on the evening of Thursday, June 25th, starting PROMPTLY at 7pm! Taught by our own Bill Sandidge, electrical guru.

Some of the topics to be covered:
* What is this "electricity" stuff anyhow?
* What are volts, amps, watts etc.?
* What is an "electric circuit"?
* Where do we get electricity? (Power sources such as batteries, solar cells, etc.)
* Batteries: the different types, care and feeding of rechargables
* What is safe - and what isn't!
* AC power versus DC
* Household AC power
* Lightning - cool but bad
* Miscellaneous stuff: some motors, LED's, ?
* Some history, factoids, interesting tidbits and maybe even a little quantum physics !?

This class will be geared towards everyone - all ages, those who know nothing about electricity and want to learn some basics, those who tinker and want to know more and those who like to learn something new. Class is scheduled for an hour and a half, but could go longer if we start getting into more detail.

There will be no charge for this class.