Intro to 3D Printing

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Learn the basics of 3D printing in this intro class!

The first part will be an intro to theory of 3d printing and how it works, then we’ll get into the specifics of how to use Decatur Makers' Lulzbot mini printer.

We’ll cover how to make a design with free software, then turn that design into gcode using the Cura slicer so that the machine can read it.

Finally, we’ll send prints to the printer and show everyone how to use it. Feel free to bring a small design to print (your own, or find something on Since prints take 20 minutes to over an hour, not everyone will be able to print something in the time allowed, but you should know enough by the end of class to print on the mini yourself.

The class is scheduled for 4 hours but the first hour and half is the most critical. After that, it will be making prints on the mini and answering questions.

$15 for members of Decatur Makers*
$25 for non-members (click HERE for more info and to join (!)
*Members please pay full-price and we'll refund the difference at the class.

Max Number of Students: 10

Bring a laptop if you have one!