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Price: $70.00 /per person
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Ready to find out what all this Arduino talk is about? Go from ZERO to ONE learning to use the Arduino environment to build electronics projects. Targeted toward beginners who are looking for an entry to the world of microcontrollers, this class is an introduction to adding sensors, beeps, brightness and buzzers to their projects.

We’ll review development boards, get you started with the software, discuss how to control a few components, put together a straight forward project, and highlight available resources so that each participant has some direction on ‘next actions’ to learn more! build more! connect more!

The programmable circuit board /UNO board, cords, power, code and components will be provided and you’ll leave having built this cool ‘Intruder Alarm’:

1. Bring own laptop. (No Chromebooks)
2. Download Arduino IDE.
Go to
Scroll down to "Download the Arduino IDE"
Click on whichever operating system you have: Windows (use
the installer/.exe link), Linux, Mac
Follow step by step directions
3. Download files for this class.
Go to
Click the green button to the right, choose download .zip
4. Download and install the CH340 USB serial driver. (The chip used by our boards. The driver must be installed separately.) One way to get the driver is to go to this page:
Scroll down to the section "Installing Maker UNO driver" and click on the Windows or Mac link (whichever OS you have.) Then open that file and install.

Min. age: 15yo or 10yo if accompanied by an adult

Max Number Students: 9

= $70 for non-members of Decatur Makers (for more info and to join, click here (
= $60 for members of Decatur Makers (please pay full amount and we will refund you the difference.)

Refunds: Full refunds will be given if you cancel no later than 2 days prior to the MeetUp. NO other cancellation refunds provided (unless we cancel the class.)


Maureen Haley is a member at Decatur Makers and an enthusiastic microcontroller tinkerer. Her other interests include 3D printing, woodworking and anything with sparkly lights. Maureen co-developed this class to introduce beginners to the Arduino environment so they can develop their own projects and so that they can get the most out of other Arduino based classes.

Charles Shapiro is a gadabout and flaneur in the technical world with a strong interest in Linux and small computers. He brings 30 or so years before the mast in application development and a small collection of soldering irons, screwdrivers, wirecutters, and needle nose pliers to any maker meeting that'll have him.

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