Microbe Hunt Part I: Collection and Plating

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Our prey is all around us but so small we can't see it. We're talking about microbes of course! We're on the prowl for the strangely beautiful micro-organisms that live in the soil, on plants, door knobs, and even your skin.

Join the Decatur Makers Community Lab for our first ever Microbe Hunt! Armed with sterile cotton swabs we'll go in search of microbes living unnoticed all around us. After the hunt we'll return to the lab to plate our microbes and begin the process of isolating and identifying the most interesting ones we find.

This is a multi-step process and this meet-up will be the first of many. Along the way you'll learn many practical microbiology techniques and lots about the microbial world around us. Join us for whatever meet-ups you can!

The Microbe Hunt is an effort to build up our stock of interesting microbes to be used for create artwork. We're looking for safe microbes with interesting textures, colors, and growth patterns.

*This event is open to the everyone and is appropriate for all ages. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.