DIY Harry Potter Wand


Price: $35.00
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Experience the magic of making your own Harry Potter wand from real wood!

This is a beginners level class, even if you've never touched woodworking before, you can do this. For this class we'll be hand carving custom Harry Potter wands from soft wood tree branches. I will have example wands that I've made previously for inspiration.

Using a sharp carving knife, we will be learning to whittle an organic, asymmetric, custom shape for the handle, and whittling the tip up to a point. After that we'll sand it, and possibly stain it if we have time at the end of the class. We will even be able to drill a hole to insert our own wand cores true to Harry Potter lore. I will be providing the wood for the class.

You do not have to bring a design to the class. Oftentimes, the wood will have its own unique qualities that will speak to you as you carve it. If you do have a very specific plan in mind, be sure to bring a to scale picture and a stick that is to your specifications (length, wood type, curvature) I do suggest using a soft wood, as it is easier and quicker to carve in one class.

Another method not included in this class is using the lathe to achieve a nice symmetrical, rounded look, but I like to teach methods that you can duplicate at home, and not everyone owns a wood lathe.

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Refunds: Full refunds will be given if you cancel no later than 2 days prior to the class. NO other cancellation refunds provided.

Max Number of Students: 6
Min Age of Student: 14 years old