Money Makers


Are you looking to turn a profit with your making? Trying to get a side hustle off the ground? Or do you just want to fund your hobby? This group might be for you. We're hosting a monthly get together of maker entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

This month, we are excited to have Decatur Makers member Katie Jo Nelson will be sharing her experiences as a top seller on Etsy. She makes a wonderful assortment of lights, from Giant Jellyfish to lighted tiaras, to treasure chests. To see her amazing creations, visit . Her proposed topics are:
1. Navigating the Shipping maze. To do the “free shipping guarantee or no?
2. How to stand out among the masses using SEO and photos
3. Incorporating free social media advertising
4. I’d close with a live Demo on screen on me creating a listing using these principles

We hope to make this a regular group, so we'd love it if you brought topic ideas as well. Invite your family and friends!