Make a Stained Glass LED RGB Lantern - Now with more options!


I've made many different versions of lanterns using stained glass and LED lights. Recently I found a large cache if these cool lanterns that are great for beginners. Choose either a galvanized or black lantern. There will be many different colors of glass available, which you can cut yourself, or I will cut it for you. Each color of glass will look very different as the light changes color. You will be handling glass with possible razor sharp edges. The glass is then glued in place at home, because each side must dry for several hours before turning the lantern. You can either use a battery operated light that is either color changing or a single color, or a 1 watt RGB LED light that runs off of either an a/c adapter (included) or USB.

Min age: 12 years old, but children under 16 will require adult assistance due to sharp glass.

Max number of students in the class: 6


= $50 for non-members of Decatur Makers (for more info and to join, click here (

= $40 for members of Decatur Makers (please pay here, and you will be reimbursed after the class if you attend. No-shows won't be reimbursed unless they change their RSVPs to Not Going at least 2 days beforehand)