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In light of the current situation and the need for social distancing, we will be holding video chats until things return to normal. Our group is a place for those retired, semi-retired, or thinking about retiring to share a story, enjoy a laugh, appreciate each other's experiences, and find support and companionship—especially while social distancing. During the chats, we will make sure to spend a good deal of time talking about things that make us smile, so we all leave the experience feeling better rather than more anxious! (Note that these chats are NOT the place to get information on public safety issues. Please consult local, state, and national governments for that type of information.)

On an experimental basis, we will schedule video chats at 9:30 am on Monday and Friday. For now, the number of attendees will not be limited, so feel free to "attend" as many as you like. (Additional chats may be added if there is a consistent demand.) This is all subject to change as we see what system works the best. Your feedback is always welcome!

Instructions for how to access any given chat can be found in the Details of each posted event.

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Friday Video Chat - until social distancing ends!

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Video Chat: The numbers of attendees is NOT limited per chat and the number of times you attend per month is NOT limited (as we usually do for in person events). We will use ZOOM software, and if you have thoughts or suggestions for how to do this or improve the format once we get going, PLEASE let me know! You can use your phone, tablet, or computer. Having a large screen will enable you to see everyone better, but any of these are fine. NOTE: IF YOU USE YOUR CELL PHONE YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO SEE THE PERSON SPEAKING. IF YOU USE A TABLET OR COMPUTER YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SEE ALL OF US. How to participate in the meeting is outlined below. I. Download the software BEFORE the meeting. To do this, use one of the following options: (1) download the ZOOM app if you are using a tablet or cell phone OR (2) use a web browser on your computer and go to https://www.zoom.us. On this webpage, in the black ribbon at the top, choose Resources and then choose "Download Zoom client." NOTE THAT IN EITHER CASE, YOU DO NOT NEED TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT OR SIGN IN. II. Join the meeting, during the first five minutes after the assigned meeting time. To join the meeting, open the ZOOM app OR go to https://www.zoom.us. Click on "Join a Meeting." In the next screen, type in your name and this meeting ID:[masked] (I will keep the meeting open for only ten minutes if no one signs in.) This may sound complicated, but once you have the app or the software installed on your phone/tablet/computer, it is very easy to join the meeting--you just open the app or webpage, select "Join a Meeting," and then type in the meeting ID. Once you put in the meeting ID, ZOOM will ask for permission to access your camera and microphone. IF YOU WANT TO TRY THIS OUT AHEAD OF TIME OR HAVE QUESTIONS, EMAIL ME THROUGH MEETUP AND I WILL CONTACT YOU. Velda

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Monday Video Chat - until social distancing ends!

Online event

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