What we're about

This is a group where software engineers and designers get together every month or so to talk about blockchain, the decentralized web, web 3.0, DAGs, dApps, Ethereum, etc.

For past meetings, we've had software engineers video-call in from ZeppelinOS, Counterfactual, and Connext.

Want to join?

If you or someone you know would like to join, please fill out this typeform.


Once you've done that, please click the watch button on the repo linked below (star us too!) to get notified of upcoming meeting dates or date and location changes.


Code of conduct

* We care very much about inclusion, and we aim to include lots of people from diverse backgrounds in this group. Plenty of people say they care about inclusion, but we actually do! And we would love tips on how to do an even better job of this.
* You promise you won’t come to these events for the purpose of recruiting (even if you are a recruiter for your day job), and that if you work on blockchain or crypto full-time you won't shamelessly promote the company you work for.
* You're mostly interested in the technology/software/product. If you are interested in this primarily for personal finance/investment reasons, we ask that if you'd like to participate in this group you make an effort not to talk too much about that side of things during our events.

Want to help?

Submit a pull request, file an issue, or edit the wiki. https://github.com/decentralized-software/chicago

Or become a co-organizer of this group! Or offer to cover food and drinks or provide space for our next meeting?


* Paul Cowgill
GitHub - https://github.com/pcowgill
Twitter - https://twitter.com/paulcowgill

* You?

Questions you'll hopefully respond to in the Typeform

(The Typeform for this group lives here! https://bit.ly/decentralized-software-chicago )

Here are a few quick questions just to get a feel for the crowd - none of these are deal-breakers. If the people who are interested end up falling cleanly into two distinct groups, we might end up creating two versions of this.

* What's your email address? (So we can let you know the next time we're meeting.)

* Are you interested pretty much only in Ethereum and maybe Bitcoin, or the decentralized web more generally (DAGs, IPFS, Blockstack, etc.)?

* When did you first start coding or doing design/product work for your day job (probably web 2.0 software)? 0-1 years ago; 2-5 years ago; 5+ years ago

* How many months (note the different unit of time!) have you been reading about or tinkering with software for the decentralized web?

* What decentralized tool, technology, app, startup, etc. have you been thinking about most lately?

Past events (3)

Meeting #9: Secure Scuttlebutt

WeWork 111 W Illinois St

Meeting #7: IPFS and Filecoin

20 W Kinzie St

Photos (1)