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Decision makers make decisions for themselves, for others and "on behalf of others". But most decision makers are not formally educated as "decision makers". When you make decisions, you take the risc that reality don´t turn out the way you calculated and hoped for, you...

1) Get confused

2) Make a mistake

3) Lose an opportunity

4) Make a failure

5) Get a loss

6) Become uncertain

If this happens, you have lost your "self-control"!

These things happen only when you have mishandled a known or unknown risc before you made your decision, and miscalculated the consequences.

The ability to control risc by making an unknown risc into a known risc is important in maintaining self-control. The ability to foresee and predict the positive and negative consequences of decisions is another important part of maintaining self-control. The NEWS is that this can be taught systematically!

YOU can learn it!

This will improve your carreer and general quality of your life!

We have developed a new course in Decision Psychology to give you the new insigths and competences on self-control. On this course we will explain the new theory behind Decision Psychology (based on the brain and entropy/doubt) and educate you in tools that will help you achieve a higher level of self-control in your decision making. This will happen when you learn how your decision system works and how you can control it. Applying this in real life is the ambition of Decision Psychology! You will increase your empathic resources, and this will make you more able to understand, work and deal with other people when making decisions.

Decision Psychology is based on new knowledge about how doubt, and systematized questions and answers, drives living organisms decisions, and especially the brain´s decisions. A new book and several training courses during 2017, has made it possible for us to create a formal education in "decision making" applying this new knowledge. Everybody with ambitions as a decision maker, should participate to learn the insights that will lift anybody´s decision making competences to a higher level. To test this new education, we give away a free course to you.

Are you ready to participate? Then sign on!

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