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Decred (DCR) is digital currency for the people. Since 2016, we have been thriving with the only decentralized monetary model that gives users a real voice. We believe that striking a balance between infrastructure owners and currency holders is the only way to build a robust currency now—and for the long-term. Our platform is built from 100% proven technology. Our modular codebase allows us to enhance our offering with the latest technology without interruption of trading or loss of value. Decred is completely independent, community funded, and community owned. Its hybrid consensus system ensures that no group can control the flow of transactions or make changes to the currency without the input of the community. With more than 5 million coins in circulation, Decred has won accolades from industry experts, investors and the media. Decred is working toward a future where currency is democratized as well as decentralized, where the people—not corporations, nor a handful of elite individuals—are empowered. Decred has been featured in Forbes, the Chicago Tribune and countless industry publications. For more information, visit: www.decred.org (http://www.decred.org/)

This meetup is for enthusiasts, developer, current and prospective contributors alike!

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Stone & Chalk Melbourne (Goods Shed North)

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