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The aim of this group is to bring together people interested in the family of machine learning methods that are concerned with learning distributed, hierarchical ("deep") representations. The format will be based around guest speakers sharing new research ideas and applications covering a wide range of fields from computer vision and natural language processing to autonomous systems and prognostics. A slot for a series of lightning talks will be available for participants to share experiences and insights about deep learning (typically towards the end). Entrepreneurs, working professionals, students, academicians, investors, and just about anyone who is interested in Deep Learning is invited. This Meetup will serve to be an open platform for people to share knowledge, practices, research, applications and critiques of deep learning. We are always on the lookout for interesting speakers and topics. If interested, get in touch.

Contact: deeplearningblr@gmail.com

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Sparrosene AI Meetup 2020

Online event

Silversparro AI meetups with 1mg and Elucidata


Silversparro AI Meetups - 7th Sep, Innerchef Culinary School, GGN

Innerchef Culinary School

Silversparro AI Meetups - Weekend Lessons on Deep Learning

Innerchef Culinary School

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