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Conference/Workshop: Spiritual Journeys - A road map to Self
Friday 21/09/18 - Positivity Center Burnham 20:00-22:00 Spiritual Journeys - A road map to Self (2 of 4) DESCRIPTION The 2nd of 4 conference/workshops held by Ignazio Dentici at the Positivity Center in Burnham. Although their is a progression and theme across the four events, each stands on its own and can be attended without attending the others. We are all different, yet underneath we are all the same. We are all human, we are all people, we are all beings. How can we adapt millennia of teachings from religions and spiritual paths to answer experientally some of the most important questions. Who am I? Why am I here? What are we looking for? How can we find it? Where is our happiness? This evening's workshop is designed to share a way of looking at our own spiritual journey that can help us put into perspective where we are and where we are going, both on an individual and collective way. We will be looking at an integrated model of a human being and road map of our Spiritual Journey. We will see how we can find our own way, and even more discover who we are on a deeper level. These workshops will be led by Ignazio Dentici, a Deep Meditation and Self-Knowledge guide, a QHHT -Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique- practitioner, and and Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) teacher. COST & BOOKING The cost is £20 for this 2 hour workshop. A discount is available for those who book all four in advanced (£65). To book your spot, after RSVP on meet-up, please follow this link: You will be able to book by paying on line and giving your name and e-mail. Alternatively please e-mail [masked]

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What we're about

Hello everybody,

Deep Meditation and Self Knowledge (MPA) is a spiritual path that leads to the discovery of our most intimate centre of being.
This intuition, of who we really are, is achieved through Deep Meditation, a state in which our whole being is relaxed, in silence and in peace.

In order to achieve such a state, and be blessed with the discovery of who we really are, behind and beyond our daily masks, we need to undertake a voyage into ourselves, learn about our body, mind and spirit and through self-awareness harmoniously integrate them.

Deep Meditation & Self Knowledge proposes a series of exercises based on modern psychology and ancient spiritual traditions that aid in this process.

MPA, from the Italian Meditazione Profonda e Autoconoscienza (literally Deep Meditation & Self-Knowledge), is a school/ technique that has been taught in Italy for almost half of century.
It is now being offered in the UK and in Spain.

Introductory courses can be residential ( ususally 3 to 4 days) and non residential ( i.e. 6 meetings of 3 hours each).

Intermediate and advanced courses are residential and in Silence.

MPA is not linked to any particular religion.
Anybody interested in learning meditation, or that feels the desire to go deeper into their selves is right for this group!


Although open to anybody, the MPA course is not recommended for someone in a serious state of emotional anxiety or with strong mental instability.

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