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Listen and Discern What Is Speaking To You

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This Meetup is the result of an overt experience I had last month regarding the topic. This will be advanced in nature.

It will be a somewhat complex discussion as there are several associated realms connected with it. Similar to the making of a movie, there is directing, lighting, sound, acting, scenery, costumes. Spirit communication is complex in it's depth so I will be talking also of vital force (Odic energy), astral plane, deep trance mediums, opportune times for spirits to attach, the laws of 'in-between' contact, how to keep low (AKA "evil") spirits from communicating with you when YOU are attempting contact. (people create a lot of problems on themselves if they don't know what they're doing like buying a camera, a recorder, an EMF meter and going out "ghost hunting" ignorant of the spirit realm and it's implications)

Spirit communication is the foundation of almost all religions. Regrettably most of those same religions now consider good spirit contact "the work of the devil" or some such nonsense thereby cutting off the limb of which they themselves sit upon. How many hundreds of references in the various bibles are there of "and the spirit of such and such came to whoever in the form of: 'a dream', a 'great cloud', a 'burning bush' ",,, and that spirit communication was the basis for a religion that now condemns spirit contact ? The Ouija board of today is nothing more than a modern incarnation of consulting a "breastplate" referred to in the various Bibles. Same thing. Spirit consultation with a "pendulum" kind of thingie. Ouija boards are fine to use for spirit contact just as long as one knows how to use it safely of which most don't.

We'll go over intuition, clairaudience (which by the way must be accompanied with some form of mediumship that bridges The Beyond and The Here such as a burning bush, ectoplasm, cloud, full body apparition, whatever ), and remote writing. Many in our group will have a lot to offer this meeting so I hope they speak up.

I'll try to find some interesting video to watch for our usual "dinner theater" segment that relates to the topic.

Also: If someone was able to take the book "Communication With The Spirit World Of God - It's Laws And Purpose", and rename it "Communication With The Spirit World Of Source - It's Laws And Purpose" and just change every reference of "God" to "Source", and "Jesus"/"Christ" to "The Great Spirit Master", it would become the reference source for spiritual study to individuals, organizations, some religions, and scientific groups that focus on things spiritual, just like "Origin of the Species" is to evolutionary biology.

See you at Perkins.

Your organizer,