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Proliferation & Propaganda

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I think we'd all agree that the digital revolution that's taking place right now is upending much of the world. From the Middle East to China, the traditional tactics of state propaganda are being threatened by the proliferation of new media and mobile devices. It's no wonder that North Korea is probably the most isolated nation on earth, and its people are largely shielded from the turmoil in the rest of the world, being subjected to a daily barrage of decrees about the Dear Leader and the greatness of North Korea.

The question is: Will the rise of digital media (more accurately, access to it) be matched with a commensurate decline in the effectiveness of propaganda? Let's talk about how we each use these new tools, and how we expect them to alter our view of the world, both on a macro and micro basis. Do you frequent certain websites for news? Do you subscribe to hyper-local newsletters like Patch? Who do you follow on Twitter, and why?

As many of you know, I am an avid observer of new media and how it is changing the world, and I'm very curious to know how you view it. Here are a few items that may help shed some light on the subject:

Death and influence in Syria ( The impact of Ustream on citizen journalism ( Soon, Everything Will Be Caught On Camera ( For the first time, we'll meet mid-week (Thursday) for the final meetup of 2011, at a new restaurant in Torrance - Vince's Spaghetti. They would appreciate an accurate headcount, so please RSVP as soon as you can, and keep it updated should you have a change of plans.

Hope to see you on December 15!