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In this most holy of seasons, I find myself increasingly curious about how people came to believe what they believe with regards to religion. So let's trade stories about your belief system and how you found your faith, or lack thereof.

Are infants naturally born atheists? Did you start with the ideas planted by your parents or relatives? Have you changed since those days? And do you believe in "deathbed conversions?"

Here are a few articles/interviews that talk about this with different examples:

Bart Ehrman, Questioning Religion on Why We Suffer (

He had faith in his job (

Atheist Activist Who Became Christian Returns to Atheism (

How to Persuade an Atheist to Become Christian (

We'll meet at Phillipe's The Original. near Union Station downtown. I hope we can attract some new attendees as we venture away from the west side. I will be there at 1 PM, and would recommend that you arrive early if you want to get your lunch and be seated by the time we begin. It would also be helpful in securing a private room for the discussion - the restaurant won't reserve the room for us.

This will be the last Meetup before the new year, so I look forward to seeing as many as you as possible for what I am sure will be a spirited and enlightening discussion!



  • Larry S.

    Ride the bus

    5 years ago
  • elayne

    i went to philippes, but didn't see where the meetup was until i met john green, who told me it was upstairs. went to see the room, and saw 3 tables of people, i'm not certain were all from this meetup, although i did see the sign on the first table. decided not join the group at this location, as there was a lot of noise in the room and i didn't think it was conducive to a good discussion. my opinion, of course.

    5 years ago
  • Elizabeth

    Yes, in the future please select a quiet location. Thanks.

    5 years ago