What we're about

We will organize talks, seminars on many topics related to Neural Network Technology with a broad perspective, much like you would find in a Conference Like NIPS. The perspective will include applications areas like to be inclusive of topics such as Image, Speech, Music, and Natural Language both from a recognition and synthesis perspective. We can also consider Web and Business analytics, and We also want to learn about the technology and implementation behind Neural Networks, such as. GPU programming, and parallel computation paradigms. The programming languages behind it, how they are adapted towards implementing it. We may also want to explore the history of Neural Networks and its future. We would like this to be inclusive of topics DNNs, RNNs, LSTMs, Reinforcement Learning, Neuromorphic Technology, and how all of these are both inspired and relate to biological neural networks. We may also include some talks on the societal future impact of these technologies. Folks that are working in this field, learning about it, and wishing to contribute are all welcome to participate. We may be hosting this meetup in combination with the Monterey Bay Subsection of the IEEE.

Upcoming events

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