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This group is for everything and anything with deep learning. It is for all those who are working and implementing deep learning applications on a day to day basis, researchers and students in the field, beginners trying to get a grip on the workings, and for even those who are simply curious. I started this group to get together this community of people who share their experiences and issues they are facing when working with deep learning applications. All application domains are welcome , whether it be autonomous cars, healthcare, or even archeology. Not limited to any platform or language used to develop the applications, math is math! Looking forward to grow this community.

Meetup organization

Speaker series
1. Demystified series : Clear math and explanations of algorithms , procedures, practices.
2. BYOP : Bring your own problems. Present, share, workout solutions.
3. Application series : Present your work, demonstrate application w/o technical detail, q/a and discussions.

Group discussion series
1. Open discussion series : Held at the meetup.

Message Boards
1. Most wanted board - Would like everyone to share the papers, documents, talks, videos they find interesting.

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