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    Are you a discerning professional, who dislikes meeting people from happy hours or typical social meetups (but not sure WHERE else to meet good people)?

    Looking for someone who can carry a meaningful conversation?

    Do you consider yourself a Diamond in the Rough, just not discovered for the REAL gem you are?

    If so, you are in the right place!

    Introducing Deep Dating -- the place for Meaningful Connections!

    Your Intelligent, Fulfilling Relationship starts here!

    Experience the Deep Dating Difference:

    • Quality over Quantity - our Deep Dating events are geared for depth, for relationship-minded singles

    • Non-Bar Events - our venues are upscale without being pretentious, we don't draw crowds interested in drink specials

    • Creative, Thoughtful Format - unlike other events designed to treat you like a number, we provide the means for you to standout and shine as your brilliant self

    • Conversation Flow - we keep the event flowing to make sure there is no conversation drag or dominance during your date

    • Genuine Connections - you will discover something new about yourself and each person you date, and make unique, special bonds

    Our group is perfect for you if you are tired of the numbers game in dating (that is played around you regardless if you want to or not)!

    Our events are small and intimate, unlike those that attract masses of superficial people.

    Most of all, we are here for purposeful, open, positive, genuine, heartfelt experiences.

    They may be intimidating for some people who get flustered when topics show their character and substance. Also there may be resistance for those not ready to show up with open minds and hearts to dating. That's OK. We understand not everyone is ready. Question is...

    Are YOU Ready to Love?

    Deep Dating is designed* by the creator of several popular relationship series including Relationship Magnets, Emotional Vampires, Get Engaged, Real Talk etc.

    *designed specifically to meet the needs of singles who are tired of the vapid, selfish, douchey, diva type of dating pool prevalent in Dallas

    Upcoming events include:

    • Deep Dating: Meaningful Connections

    • Real Talk: What Men & Women Really Want

    • Crazy Sexy Toxic: How to Spot, Avoid and Free Yourself from Toxic Crazymakers

    Join us and Find Love with Deep Dating: Meaningful Connections!

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