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People need to socialize. We host poker tournaments in local bars as a form of entertainment. Our games bring people together to socialize, have fun, compete, and build friendships.

DeepStacks Poker League was founded in 2009. Our goal was to fill the void left by the departure of the big national poker companies, and allow people to continue having fun playing bar poker.

As time went on and we acquired new venues, our focus shifted to providing an all-around better poker experience. We moved away from the traditional format of two nightly games in favor of a single game format using real-world blind structures from a major poker tour. Not only did this change increase the quality of our nightly tournaments, it also prepared our players to play at the next level whenever major tours came to local casinos.

In 2015, we became the St. Louis affiliate of the Bar Poker Open. As a result, our players now have more value for participating in bar poker. Players can win entry into championship tournaments with guaranteed prize pools of $100,000 and $200,000. Bar Poker Open Direct Qualifiers are hosted at every DeepStacks Poker League event. DeepStacks Poker League is committed to bring our players more immediate prizes and opportunity at life-changing money every single night.

Our nightly events are Bar Poker Open Direct Qualifiers. There’s no minimum number of events to play, no points, just clear, simple qualification to the Championship in only two easy steps!

There is no charge to play in our tournaments. We only ask that everyone supports the establishment by purchasing an appetizer and drink at minimum so we are welcomed back each week. If you enjoy playing Texas Hold’em, you should join this group.

If you enjoy playing charity poker, please check our calendar as we do run these events also.

To socialize with us please visit:
Webpage: www.dplpoker.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DeepstacksPoker
Twitter: @DeepStacksPoker

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