What we're about

I am a Chopra Center instructor. I like to share Drs Deepak Chopra's and David Simon's work with people who have read their books and like their thoughts about holistic well-being.

Anyone who like to explore meditation, yoga and Ayurvedic Lifestyle as a mind-body healing method is welcome to join this group.

I will be discussing their books, leading group meditations, conduct stress management and Ayurvedic Lifestyle workshops. How Drs Deepak Chopra and David Simon practised and taught the fusion of Ayurveda with modern western science and medicine for over 35 years will be discussed in this group.

I like this group to be the meeting point for all Deepak Chopra's readers and we will support his dream of reaching the critical mass for the world to become a better place. We help one another fulfill our destiny of life and at the same time spread the goodwill to all our love ones and friends.

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