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We are powerful creators of our lives and the world in which we live
The Body Meditation Practice with Karen Falbo is a guided process teaching you how to access and align with Source Consciousness within (the "Vortex" as termed by Abraham-Hicks). Each Monday Karen will guide us through a meditation using one or more of the tools to deepen your understanding of the practice. Breath Awareness; Gentle Movement; Affirmation. Full Moon Bookstore is a wonderful place to gather and we always have a greater number of people join the meditation than who RSVP from this meetup. RSVPs are never required. The meditation and discussion lasts for 60 to 90 minutes. Wear comfortable clothing and feel free to bring a yoga mat and pillow to sit on. Full Moon Books also provides pillows and chairs. The goal is to be comfortable, relaxed and at ease. This guided meditation is for beginners or more advanced meditators. It is offered on a donation basis. The suggested donation is $5.00. All are welcome to join us, even if a donation is not doable at the time.

Full Moon Books and Event Center

9106 West 6th Avenue · Denver, CO

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We are the observers and therefore the creators of our world but are we creating a world we want? What are the energies we hold from which to create? We begin with the profound understanding that the world's problems and solutions are not outside of ourselves, but within us.

As we move past the fear/ego time period we were born into, we flow into the beginning times of the union between the divine masculine and the divine feminine. Our logical thoughts, the divine masculine and our feeling body, the divine feminine can join harmoniously together. Transcending the old fear/ego negative energy takes more than positive thinking. Through body meditation practice as guided by Karen Falbo, focusing on the energies within, we learn to create the greatest state of ease in body and mind. We seek to pull that forward into our daily lives and are amazed by how quickly life shows up as we really desire.

We meet together to talk about and learn how to get past or transcend our fear/ego thoughts to create from god/love consciousness. This shift allows us to attract into our lives that which is most aligned with peace, gratitude and love.

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