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This group is about exploration of presence, connection, authenticity and aliveness. Exploration, as well, of what in our way of being stands in the way of experiencing aliveness, true intimacy and fuller expression of our individuality and potentials we all long for in our lives.

Circling can be thought of as interpersonal meditation. Instead of our breath, we focus our attention on the quality of our in-the-moment connection with others. By bringing our awareness to sensations, emotions, reactions - and sharing our experience with one another - we co-create a unique space of deep connection, intimacy, raw authentic communication and self-expression. We are drop our masks, assumptions, we risk showing ourselves fully.


This unique psycho-spiritual modality blends, among other things, elements of meditation, group dynamics, shadow work, presence practice and leadership development to allow for exploration of what is (vs. what we think should be) and how we are (vs. our judgements how should be). This is impactful, often vulnerable and edgy work. It is also deeply nourishing, answering our longing for deep connection, for courage to show ourselves in the truth of who and how we are, for being seen, acknowledged and honoured in that.


The group may be for you if you long for more depth, authenticity and realness in your life - with others as well as with yourself. If you are ready to go beyond quick-fix self-help approaches and instead, dive into the rawness, aliveness and richness of fully experiencing what arises in the present moment when we come together with presence, when we dare to drop our masks, social conventions and, instead, show ourselves in full range of our humanity.

What is Circling: http://circlingeurope.com/

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Circling evening practice - led by Ben. [Beginners welcome]

Treehouse (Old Street)


This event will be led by Ben. Ben has done the Circling SAS facilitator training and has been leading Circling days in London and across Europe. Join us for an evening of exploration of presence, connection, authenticity and aliveness. Exploration, as well, of our habitual patterns that keep us from experiencing that. https://vimeo.com/76948254 • Feel the nourishment of deep, real connections, of being truly seen. • Discover deeper layers of your true self as you connect with others without your "masks" • Experience the edginess, aliveness and joy when we dare to dive undefended into the rawness of the present moment. • Learn to communicate more freely. Open the door to fuller expression of your individuality and potentials. Note: The video below is not from our London events. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpV_f09Zzt8 ============================================ • Please make sure you arrive 10-15 minutes early so we can start on time. • Join the Facebook group to be notified of more Circling events: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1734532506822502 What is Circling? : "Circling is a fresh way to develop presence in yourself and richer connections with those around you. It can provide fundamental and often unseen insights that once seen create new and exciting opportunities. It provides a doorway into flow experiences and breathes life into sometimes vague spiritual concepts and ideas. Through Circling individuals can start to develop trust in a deeper intelligence in themselves and others. Part of what makes it special is that although it is based on complex ideas, taking part in it is simple and empowering. We believe it to be one of the richest tools for human development in the world today because it works on so many levels.." Read more at https://circlingeurope.com/

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