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This group is about exploration of presence, connection, authenticity and aliveness. Exploration, as well, of what in our way of being stands in the way of experiencing aliveness, true intimacy and fuller expression of our individuality and potentials we all long for in our lives.

Circling can be thought of as interpersonal meditation. Instead of our breath, we focus our attention on the quality of our in-the-moment connection with others. By bringing our awareness to sensations, emotions, reactions - and sharing our experience with one another - we co-create a unique space of deep connection, intimacy, raw authentic communication and self-expression. We are drop our masks, assumptions, we risk showing ourselves fully.


This unique psycho-spiritual modality blends, among other things, elements of meditation, group dynamics, shadow work, presence practice and leadership development to allow for exploration of what is (vs. what we think should be) and how we are (vs. our judgements how should be). This is impactful, often vulnerable and edgy work. It is also deeply nourishing, answering our longing for deep connection, for courage to show ourselves in the truth of who and how we are, for being seen, acknowledged and honoured in that.


The group may be for you if you long for more depth, authenticity and realness in your life - with others as well as with yourself. If you are ready to go beyond quick-fix self-help approaches and instead, dive into the rawness, aliveness and richness of fully experiencing what arises in the present moment when we come together with presence, when we dare to drop our masks, social conventions and, instead, show ourselves in full range of our humanity.

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Movement Circling

Elephant & Castle

Circling is a relational practice. It’s done in a group or with another person and invites feeling into the subtleties of one’s present experience in connection with others, often using words to share that experience.

Dance and movement are a big part of my life. And for this evening there is an invitation to bring movement and physical contact as a context for how we connect within the practice of Circling.

Circling and dance are both beautiful and powerful practices that I value and love, and I’m excited to lead this evening at my place in Elephant & Castle.

Both those new to Circling and those with more experience are very welcome.

To reserve your place, please transfer £15 via this paypal link (please choose friends and family so I dont get charged): https://paypal.me/RobynWilford. Once I receive your payment, I’ll send you an email to confirm your reservation. Concessions are available, so if you are experiencing financial hardship please contact me.

Any questions, please direct message me here or email:
The facebook event link is https://fb.me/e/3tFRvA5Le
We’ll start at 7pm (arrive from 6.50pm) and aim to finish at 9.30pm

My place is opposite Elephant & Castle tube and Thameslink train station, and numerous bus routes.

The practices of Circling and Authentic Relating are often linked or spoken about together. Authentic Relating emerged from Circling and tends to be more structured, with “games” and sentence stems acting like guide rails for connection. Circling in its purest form is an interpersonal meditation and encourages self leadership, and is less facilitated. Both elicit intimacy and you may find quickly creating deep appreciation of the people you’re with and surprisingly meaningful connections. Always hard to define though and much better, in my opinion, to experience them a few times to really get a sense of the difference/overlaps.

There is a beauty and power in the practice of circling and it is not for everyone. The practice may touch on some uncomfortable places, states, sensations or emotions. Circling invites a level of self responsibility and a willingness to set appropriate boundaries. Please contact me if you would like to discuss further whether the practice might be right for you.

Circling with Andrew and Ben

55 East St


Andrew and Ben are starting a new, regular, in person Circling evening at an intimate venue on East Street in Walworth.

Beginners and experienced Circlers alike are welcome!

------------------------------------ Practicalities

Arrival from 19:00 for a 19:30 start. Official end time is 21:30, but we are allowing for a half hour decompression buffer at the end to talk and say farewells.

If the event is sold out, please still get in touch as we can make discretionary exceptions.

If you cannot afford the entry fee, please get in touch as we can offer concessions.

Fruit and nut snacks provided.

------------------------------------ About Circling

What's it like to be you, right now?

Circling is a group meditation practice where we explore what's happening right now in the relationships that we're having with the people that we're with.

We get to find out what happens when we give attention to other people, and they give attention to us. We're free to stay silent, or express as much of what's going on for us - whether thoughts or feelings - as we want to.

Circling can be approached as an awareness practice, where we use relationships as a focus to bring us more into the present moment. It can also be seen as a way of increasing relational intelligence, because it delivers a lot of insights into how we habitually behave with other people. Many people also find there's something rewarding in being with other people who are simply curious about your experience. This can provide a kind of feeling of community that's often missing in our busy urban lives.

Authentic Presence

Queens Wood Cafe

Hi lovely people,

This is a placeholder, the ticket link is below.

I would love to explore authentic presence with you.

The intention is to create a wonderful space to playfully connect to ourselves and each other using bodywork, authentic relating, dance, connection, silence and each other.

What does it mean for you to be present and how does that actually feel? Can we choose to be present? What do we bring when we are? And what do we get? What is your way of showing up and connecting?

I am so looking forward to being in this space with you in the cabin behind Queens Wood Cafe.

Are you in?

Please book here:


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Elephant & Castle

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