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What if I gave you the opportunity to travel to AMAZING locations with likeminded business professionals?

Sounds like a productive time I would say! Furthermore, What if you paid ONE PRICE, and Elite Professional Travel Club takes you to amazing tours and experiences without one ounce of your work.

Our goal is to provide comfortable and carefree travel with a group of business professionals.

Take your buisiness to the next level lets and bring the rest of the world to your brand.

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Sarasota Trip


Come to paradise. It’s about 3.5 hours away. The best beaches carpooling suggested we will hit st Armand’s downtown roof top bars. I have had a condo there 8 years and a Conciege co

Travel Series Cruise Europe trip S Amer and USA Trip

We are going to have a Series
1 cruise Domestic or International Pending on the deal Cost btn 1000 and 1500 Not includ airfafe
1 Europe Trip 10 to 12 days hotel Air est 2800 to[masked] South American Trip 10 to 12 Days Air Hotel Est 2600 to 3100
I USA long weekend trip

Prices will fluxuate pending on the dares the curent conditions in the worls etc, These are just estimates Greece Italy Malta France..

If you are interested please email Jeff [masked]

This will be base cost drinks some food will be extra,,
Come get away

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City fish market Boca

City Fish Market

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