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We live in an uncertain world. It seems everyday there is a calamity in the news. Plane and train crashes, tsunamis, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, the list just goes on and on. It seems so important to be prepared for events that come on all so suddenly.

Our group was established to share knowledge and skills that have been all but lost in the current age. Survival is often encapsulated in the idea that what you hold in your head is perhaps more valuable than what you hold in your bag. Survival may be the art of staying alive, but it need not stop there.

We enjoy bushcraft as well. The ability to make the things that make survival comfortable is the next step forward on a path to self-reliance. Primitive skills lead forward to more advanced skills and some gear that makes life easier.

Further along that path to self-reliance are the homesteading skills and practices. Raising food in the garden and pen, preserving it for later days, and preparing it for the table. We foster an attitude that respects the world we live in, taking advantage of off grid techniques, to become self-sustaining.

Our instructors are happy to share with new friends. We have a format that is more organic than just any old classroom. Get your hands dirty with us and you can be certain to learn the things to not only walk out of the woods, but walk right back into them and prosper.

All ages and experience levels are welcome.

Upcoming events (5+)

Preserve It! Part 3

Dom do Zeranski

Autumn has just begun. Each year we have seasonal plethora of certain food. We have been storing up vegetables through the summer. Hunting seasons are about to begin. We should be ready to take advantage our gardens and special prices at the market. To do that we need to preserve the food for later use. Part 3 is all hands on! It is time to make sausage and jerky. Each attendee should bring 1 to 3 pounds of ground beef. We will make some traditional kielbasa. That's not it though. Break out the jerky gun! Gotta make some jerky to have for camping and hiking, or just plain ol'e snaking.

Fall Campout

Keely's Farm

Come on out for a weekend of fun, learning and spending time with like minded people. These campouts are geared for everyone, from the first timer to the seasoned vet. We will be spending quality time with our brother group in Reading. Carpooling is available.

Fire ! Fire ! Fire ! Part 1

Lums Pond

Fire is a potent friend. It helps us keep warm and it helps us produce items for living. The better we understand it the better we can use it. Let's get to know fire better. How do we get ignition? How do we make sure our fire burns? What are good ways to start a fire? What are the TWO triangles of fire lore? We can explore all these. This meetup is a prelude to Part II Primitive Fire Starting. We will get a fire going using a ferro rod, then use the fire to make starters. Things to bring: A snack Soft Drink or Water A small amount of dryer lint. Broken crayons, candle stubs, or scrap canning wax. If nothing else, then a votive candle will do. The park has an entry fee of $4 for Delaware Residents and $8 for out of state. Annual passes are available for $35 and $70

Fire ! Fire ! Fire ! - Part 2 - Primitive Fire Starting

Oh? You are into survival skills? So you can start a fire by rubbing two sticks together? How often have you wanted to answer that question with "Yes, I've done that." Well, now is the time to get that marked on your bucket list. We can learn about starting fires with friction. Let's share what we know about the various methods like hand drill and plow. We can learn about the Iroquois fire pump and how to build one. Then we can learn about bow drills and actually make them. Finally, gets your arms ready for a workout. We get fire started by rubbing those sticks together! Bring: Snack and Beverage A good sturdy knife. Some string, like sisal twine or paracord.

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Preserve It Part 2

Dom do Zeranski

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