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Sitting around at last night's Book Club, we tried to come up with a book for February that might appeal to more people. While we have read quite a few interesting books in the past, many were from positions that are all too familiar. We want to break that mold and do something different. What we settled on was something that could give us an introductory look at the world's third largest religion, Hinduism. We settled on "Many, Many, Many Gods of Hinduism: Turning believers into non-believers and non-believers into believers" by Swami Achuthanandan. This comprehensive book on Hinduism tells you why Hindus do the things they do - and don't. Written in an accessible style, the book guides you through the fundamentals of the religion. It then goes further and debunks some long-standing myths, some of them coming from academia. While most books shy away from contentious issues, this book plunges headlong by taking on controversies, like the Aryan Invasion Theory, idol worship, RISA scholarship and many more. In fact, one-third of the book is just on debates that you rarely find in any other literature. If you find this as attractive as we have, please consider picking this book up, which is available on Amazon and other online sellers. Then, join us in February in a lively discussion. We may even continue this discussion of Hinduism with a lecture. Later, we may move on to studies of other world religions.

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Open to all ethical atheists, agnostics, skeptics and other freethinkers, the Delaware Association for Humanism exists for the betterment of humanity and for the planet we all share. DAH is an affiliate of the Council for Secular Humanism and is a charter chapter of the American Humanist Association. As such, we adhere to the humanist philosophy these organizations embody. In addition to getting together to socialize and discuss beliefs, philosophies and the challenges of being 'outsiders', we aim to become a real presence in the Delaware community. By improving our visibility, we can work to thwart church-state violations on the local level and add our voices to the efforts of groups working on the national level. If you share the desire to see reason replace faith; if you champion the efforts of rational thought and human compassion in improving our Delaware communities, then we hope you will join us!

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