What we're about

**NOTE: I am currently looking for someone who is able to host our events at their house. Until we find a venue/someone’s dining area, this group is on hold. Please message me if you are able to be a host **

How many unused cooking and baking recipe books do you have on your shelves? How many tasty-looking recipes do you come across but never get around to make? We are foodies based in Tauranga who come together to encourage people to cook and bake!

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, this group is for everyone. Simply bring along a plate of home-cooked or baked food once a month and get ready to go on a delicious adventure. At the start of every season (4x a year), we will have a theme to cook and bake to (note that it’s not compulsory to cook/bake in theme).

I will be taking photos of every plate of food to compile in to our very own recipe book which will be distributed once a year. (Can’t promise it will be anything fancy!)

Some people come as encouragement to try new baking, some come to get to know new people (board games with be provided)... but we all come to eat and enjoy good food👌🏼

>> You must send through your recipe and where you got it from which will be used in the recipe book.
>> Please complete a name plate for your recipe and the ingredients it contains so everyone knows what it is.
>> If you do not bring a plate of food or do not bring something you’ve made yourself (e.g. you’ve bought something from the supermarket), the cost to attend is $10 to go towards the recipe book and Meetup.com costs.
>> You can attend as many or as little events as you wish, but you must manually register for each event. The organiser is able to remove constant no-shows at their discretion.
>> We are not responsible for any allergic reactions. Make sure you inform yourself on what the plate of food contains and, if in doubt, don’t touch or eat it.
>> Not a rule but don’t forget to bring a container for any spare baking or food, and any board games you’d like to play.

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