What we're about

Hello All...I thought of creating a safe and inclusive space LGBT entrepreneurs in Delhi to socialize with like-minded people, exchange ideas, network and expand their professional and personal networks in a fun and lively setting that is conducive to conversations. Whether you are a single person startup, a family business heir or have an established business, you are welcome to join. We are industry agnostic and in fact embrace professional diversity. The idea is to host mixers and guest speakers for people to mingle, socialize and learn from each other's experiences and perspectives. In order to ensure relevance, we will be screening members. In order to gain membership, you must be-

1. Gay, Lesbian, Transgender or Bisexual- Bisexual members must demonstrate that they are willing to engage with the LGBT community. 2. Having a legitimate and active running business that is currently trading. This is not a group for those looking to set up ventures of their own. All members can be rest assured that confidentiality will be strictly respected. It also must be made clear that this is NOT a party to find potential partners for hook-ups and relationships. There are a multitude of other options for such agendas that I am certain you will all know about. We would ask all members to be respectful of one another and treat everyone with courtesy. It is also essential to respect each member's privacy. While networking is an important aspect of the group, we ask you to exercise tact and discretion in order to create a comfortable environment for everyone. This is a social space and therefore any form of business solicitation or promotion is strictly prohibited. Please also be advised that member contact details will not be shared by the group in order to respect privacy.

We have no age restrictions and welcome the diversity. As soon as we get a "reasonable" number of members, we will host a meet. As this group is still a work in progress, I am open to any ideas or potential collaberators.

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