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A group to find & collab with other creatives. Find partners & start a youtube channel, find passionate actors for your film or a photographer or a producer or your social media manager or find a creative brand voice or some mentor or inspiration you've been looking for.
Or just meet nice people 🙌

Today, creatives can be defined by "people who create/present content". Be it digital or physical.

A lot of people are already creating music, designs, diy, doing creative photography, making films, givings brands a voice, creating existence on social media from scratch, writing their brains out or writing scripts.
But sometimes that is not enough.

In 2019, the dimensions of creativity are really vast. It's hard to be a one man army in every case. Every creative work needs you to do more than 3-4 tasks. If you have been there, then you know how hard it gets when you are managing all that by yourself.

So you need a person who is a specialist in a skill that you are newbie in, you ask one of your friends, but they probably have a different mindset and different goals in their lives. You can't be stuck with your current social circle and expect that someday your close friends will step up to make your thing. You have to take those steps by yourself. That's what brings us to launch this meetup.

We are all about #music #photography #travel #acting #screenwriting #travel #films #creativity #art #socialmedia #hobbies #branding #editing #producing #design & most importantly #havingfun 🎉

So Creatives! Let's hangout & create the ripples today for a bigger impact tomorrow.
See you in our first meetup which we will soon plan & post..

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Walk & Talk.. & Chill with Creatives

Mughal Gardens Delhi

Ripples - The Creatives Meetup

Cottage Cafe by Smoothie Factory

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