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There’s no such thing as non-duality. Non-Duality is just a title, pointing to the apparent experience of separation as being an illusion (unreal). Therefore, trying to overcome that experience, is just furthering a misunderstanding (hoping to transcend imaginary place/time as an imaginary entity in that place/time). All justification for prescriptive spiritual traditions & religious teachings & teachers is based on this widespread misunderstanding, which reinforces the sense of being an individual. Nonduality says nothing about the appearance of verb-ing- it is just a label that negates nouns. Escaping separation has the goal of becoming a better person, or even the so-called personal enlightenment/awakening. If seeker and sought are truly one & the same, wouldn't seeking be the only way to seemingly disguise that? Even in esoteric and contemporary philosophical wisdom, liberation or Moksha/Nirvana is the undeniable unmissable recognition that nothing ever happens and there’s no one; or ever was or will be. In fact this recognition is all there is, timeless- the ever present yet apparently overlooked realization that you’re not that activity which seems and appears to be bonded in Samsara. "What is, is already what’s longed for, which is always overlooked by what is commonly considered normal, even necessary: the experience that “what is” is personal."

The message conveyed over and over in myriad statements:

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The Meetup format will predominantly be that of a very informal and friendly meeting and discussion about various topics of relevance; however, all suggestions are warmly welcome.

All 'friends' interested in "nonduality" are very welcome.

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For 'those' who don't like labels and dogma, and are looking for written clear-cut communication, here's a few essays

https://www.theopensecret.com/essays ||

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWjNdDELVD8 ||

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7if7A99_Lpc ||

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoP3B1Yz07g ||


For 'those' with a few hours to spare & a lot of curiosity, and 'ones' that don't mind taking a (much, much) longer round-trip, here's "An Introduction to the Perennial Non-Dual Understanding":


(The so called Direct Path of Advaita Vedanta flavor inspired by Sufi influences).


The message is remarkably and ordinarily simple and obvious (especially at its peak understanding), and it is pointing to a fact, the conceptual realization of which is not that fact. Therefore this sharing has no authority, and THIS (all there is and isn't) cannot be claimed by any'one'. The appearance of the activity of trying to know what nonduality is, seems to be the biggest impediment to being 'it'- and yet, all you are doing is seriously entertaining an idea that you are not already being it- another apparent strain of-guesswhat- being it! And thus opens the possibility which never left: of being totally out of it by being totally in it- and vice versa.

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