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Optimization Intelligence (OI), also more popularly known as Operations Research (OR) has been powering organizations to make scientific decisions for decades. The stream has gained popularity in Indian corporates too in last few years.

As the applications of Optimization Intelligence (OI) or Operations Research (OR) are endless, all of us keep finding new challenges at work where we apply seasoned concepts like linear programming, column generation, heuristics, genetic algorithms... well the list is long. There is also a deluge of solvers in the market, like GUROBI, CPLEX, XPRESS, MATLAB, AIIMS…, the list is long again. Thus, there is a lot of learning, often by trial-and-error, that we all go through in this process.

This is an informal forum (with content like INFORMS) in NCR where we can share such lessons with folks of OR background, and meet to discuss the theoretical and practical advances in the field of OR/OI.

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Business Analytics and Intelligence Conference

Online event

The Operational Research Society of India Bangalore Chapter (ORSI-BC), Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore; the Analytic Society of India (ASI); and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore are happy to announce the 8th International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence (8th ICBAI) during December 20-22, 2021.

Papers are invited in the following and related fields of Business Analytics and Intelligence:

Analytics in Banking and Finance
Analytics in Human Resource Mgmt.
Analytics in Marketing
Analytics in Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt.
Analytics in Public Policy
Bayesian Data Analysis
Big Data Analytics
Big Data Technologies
Business Scorecards and Dashboards
Classification Problems Clustering Techniques
Data Processing
Data Visualization
Descriptive Analytics
Fraud Analytics
Health Care Analytics
In-Health Analytics
Insurance Analytics
Patent Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Prescriptive Analytics
Retail Analytics
Sentiment Analysis
Social Media Analytics
Sports Analytics
Text Analytics
Web Analytics

More details at http://www.mgmt.iisc.ac.in/~icbai2021/

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