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This group is for all those solo backpackers who want to go out but do not have buddies to go with. Join us & get your buddies and explore the world of travelling and adventure.

We are the youngest birds on meetup and all set to provide you a lavish and less damaged (on pocket) travel package.

If you love photography then boys & girls you will be able to get tips on it,as i am a photographer at heart.

So set your aperture,set focus on our group ,be steady and just CLICK CLICK CLICK.......

P.S:we are not professionals but travel freaks like you so we are here not for any business but adventures and fun.

Disclaimer :Travel buddy group or Admin is not responsible for any meetup,parties,dating happened apart from our meetup posted on the site.We do not encourage to meet people other than our organized meetups.

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GOA & Work From Home (Goa)

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For Booking, kindly WhatsApp us on[masked] Hello Buddies, I know most of us are waiting for this update. If guys are bored sitting at home, making dalgona coffee, playing tambola on WhatsApp... Let's get back to real life again... Yes it means Goaaaaa 24-29 Nov 2020 Yes, we have planned for 6D/5N. ( Longest ever ) The plan is to enjoy 3 days in pool villas near Candolim to explore all the party places we love to explore and 2 night on the beachside resort in aarambol beach ..! Goa ki itinerary sari dunia ko pata hai (lol) Cost :- Rs 11999 / person Includes:- - All travel in Goa as per itinerary (Self-driving cars, petrol etc ) - 3D/2N stay in a bungalow near Candolim (3 Bhk bungalow for 8 people ) with breakfast - 2N Stay in a beachside resort in Aarambol - 1N stay in a beachside resort in Morzim - Welcome will beers and snack to cook in a bungalow Not included:- - Meals - Travel to Goa - anything not mentioned above. Itinerary:- #24 Nov:- We will meet at the airport. ( If coming late then direct at the property ) #24 Nov -25 Nov:- First 2 days are planned to enjoy the party and charm of North Goa ... Next 3 day are planned to enjoy the Beachlife of North Goa. Aarambol , Morzim, Ashwem Beach 29 Nov:- Check out from the hotel at 11:00 and then we can plan our return journey ... Note:- We have a book all the properties who are maintaining proper hygiene for Corona And 1 day before the trip all the traveller need to do Antigen test for the safety of group members. Created a WhatsApp grp for confirmed members. Will share the link once you make a deposit of Rs 2000 on Google pay/Paytm/Phone Pay on[masked]



GOD'S OWN COUNTRY - KERALA Let's go to the world of vast paddy fields, wherever your eyes see, find yourself surrounded by the air of the smell of rice. A plateau surrounded by huge mountains and lush green forest, the forest which is still a home of tribes, tribs, who believe that they are happy if they work daily, seed properly and eat little but their god and forest should be safe and a forest which reciprocates in the same way by giving away more than needed. Vayal Nadu which means the land of paddy field, which further concentrated as Wayanad, is an entirely different world. A world of happiness, which can be clearly seen on the faces of farmers and their families, who are happy about being in villages, connected with roots. A place, which will melt your heart in the loveliest way you ever imagined, this is off-beat Kerala for you. Day 11-Dec: Wayanad Day 12-Dec: Wayanad Day 13-Dec: Nelliampathi Day 14-Dec: Malappuram Day 15-Dec: Nelliampathi Day 16-Dec: Athirapally falls Day 17-Dec: Varkala Day 18-Dec: Varkala Day 19-Dec: Periyar National Park Day 20-Dec: Cochin International Airport Day 1 & 2: Wayanad Land at Kozhikode Airport and get transferred to Wayanad(90km) for hotel check-in. Vayal Nadu which means the land of paddy field, which further concentrated as Wayanad, is an entirely different world. A world of happiness, which can be clearly seen on the faces of farmers and their families, who are happy about being in villages, connected with roots. For the full itinerary, kindly click on this link below https://travelbuddiestalk.com/event/kerala/ Thanks Team Travel Buddies[masked]

New Year in Snowy Himachal

Himachal Pradesh

Secret Location in (Himachal) Sainj Valley Video From the Last Trip : https://youtu.be/U-95U4iL8Zk How about a trip to a very old village in deep forest, a place which is very near to nature and far from cities hustles, a place which can remind you that sunrise is as gorgeous as we heard in the nana-nani bedtime stories, a village which still runs on its handmade shawl making business and believe that happiness is more important than money. A village with which you will fall in love at first sight, and a village which will be a part of your memories forever. Come in the world of nature and live in Himachali way! 9 reasons you should come for this trip: 1# Does not matter if you have never done trips with strangers, you hesitate to open, or you are an introvert. This trip will make sure you have a time of your life. 2# We will be going on a sunrise trek and your morning tea will with be up on a mountain with sunrise views. 3# We will be walking and finding a waterfall deep inside a forest, will jump in it and enjoy the afternoon bath in jungle 4# We will cross golden meadows to explore a temple, which is on another mountain and looks like a fortress. Adventure overloaded. 5# We will enjoy quality time in an old local house, you can read an old book by sitting on the windows of the house and watch snow mountain's peak. 6# We will play dozen of games, learn to cook local food and enjoy conversations over a cup of homemade tea. 7# We will behave like college days when a cup of chai, a game board and a bunch of friends was a definition of king size life. 8# If offbeat is your kind of travel and you want to explore yourself a little more then this trip is for you. 9# We are taking as many precautions as possible to make it a super safe trip (Covid RT-PCR test is mandatory) PS: If you seek the comfort of hotels, hot running water and 5-star facilities than this trip is not for you! Maybe some other trip! Basic Itinerary : Day 1 (30-Dec) Day 2 (31-Dec) Day 3 (1-Jan) Day 4 (2-Jan) Day 5 (3-Jan) Back to home with memories Day 0 (29-Dec) Today, In the late evening, we will start from Delhi and reach our destination by early morning the next day! Day 1 (30-Dec) Our homestay is some 25-minute walk from the place our vehicle will drop us. So better carry your backpacks and not trolleys. After reaching settling down in our heaven, we will take some rest and get used to of this new home. We will explore the village and nearby area in the evening and will enjoy our first low music - old songs party with local food and some fun games. Day 2 (31-Dec) Early Morning Trek Today, we will start our day early and will jump in for a small trek. This trek does not need special gears or any other requirement. It will be a simple optional trek to make your morning colourful. We will have our morning tea after reaching there and believe you me, you will adore it. Mahadev Temple Post lunch we will go for the village tour to see, how these simple people live their lives and earn their food. The ancient famous village temple will be our next stop. This beauty will surely mesmerize you and the carving will make you spellbound. New Year Party!!! For Full Itinerary kindly check the following link or WHATSAPP us on[masked] Link: https://travelbuddiestalk.com/event/secret-location-trip-himachal/ Thanks Gaurav Rana

Antarctica Again :2021


Dear Buddies, Hope you and your family are safe and sound. This broadcast is about future bookings of the 2nd batch of our Antarctica Cruise Trip in 2021. After exploring Antarctica in 2020 Jan, we are again sailing with a 100% REFUND policy. For more details check out the following link: Itinerary & Package Details : https://travelbuddiestalk.com/event/antarctica-the-7th-continent/ Video of our last Antarctica Trip: https://youtu.be/nil_E9Y_nMg Contact us (WhatsApp us on[masked]) Thanks Admin

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