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Life. That weirdly convoluted line joining our births to our deaths. A path that should have been straight, at the very least similar in most counts, if not for how differently each of us act and react, as governed by how differently we think. Thinking, the unquantifiable quantity that put humans on an enviable position on the food chain, from a rather vulnerable position. Thinking, the idea that I have been trying to reinforce from the beginning of this paragraph, albeit rather clumsily.

This group, named after one of the most famous Thinker of all time, was made to Celebrate Thinking. And that means celebrating thoughts, ideas, and thinkers. And not just the thought, ideas, and thinkers among the famous. Among all of us. And what better way is there to celebrate these than through Logical discourse, a steaming mug of coffee* and new friends? That is, in short, what Delhi Socrates Café is all about.

Now, you may think that philosophy is not your thing. I assure you, it most surely is. At the very least, you have been actively pursuing it most of your rational life. Not many of us here are formally trained in philosophy. Interest in new ideas, perspectives etc. is the only base eligibility criterion. If you need a place to voice your ideas, you have found it. You want time too? I will give you one, once each month. Basically, I will post one meetup each month. Come, participate and have fun.

But there's one ground rule. You shall be civil to the others at the meetup. No rudeness. Debates are not about destroying your opponent. Its about proving your point or accepting that it was wrong, if proven otherwise. You can, of course, agree to disagree. But rude comments, personal affronts, attacks on character is one strike. And this isn't baseball, so two strikes and you're out.

So, I guess that's about it. Hope to see you around.

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