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I'm a nutritional councillor.
I too have battled weight all my life. After completing my journey I'm now on a new journey to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. In my attempts to losing weight, I always felt the need for support from likeminded people. This group is a support group for people on their weight loss journey. Those looking for positive support, honest advise or to make good lifestyle changes should join us.

1. Join only if you are trying to lose weight
2. Join only if you can regularly attend meetups. Our aim is not to have lots of members but active ones.
3. Maintain positive vibes at all times. Never be harsh if someone falters on their journey. help them get back on track, not away from the group.
4. Be honest with us. We are not here to chastise. When you get off the track, share it with us so we can cheer you back on the path.
5. Ask me for free counciling session, regarding anything related to your weight loss. I'm here to help. If you are not able to get results despite efforts, if you think you might be inclined towards bingeing/starving etc ask me for a one-on-one session. Don't:
1. Don't join this meetup if your aim is to join maximum groups and then disappear. Don't join us if you are going to be lurking around and not attending meets.
2. Don't confirm until you are sure you will come. Three consecutive no shows will get your membership cancelled. Also, please understand that if you cancel less than 4 hrs before it will be considered a no show.
3. Don't be critical of anyone. This is a support group and we are here to give positive support. If someone has not been able to stick to their routine, don't ever chastise or shame them.
4. Don't promote unhealthy habits like starving/purging/bingeing etc as this can be triggering for some. If you are into this habit, ask me for a counciling session or seek medical help.
5. Don't give your personal information to anyone, or do so at your own risk.
6. Don't leave the joining form empty, these will be promptly rejected. Also, please provide your contact details for verification.

Note 1 :- our sessions will be held in cafes etc so as to promote positivity towards food. Our aim is never to make people give up their social life but to help them make positive eating choices. Note 2 :- if you wish to seek a one-on-one counciling, please inbox me. These sessions are free of charge and will be held at a place comfortable to both of us.

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