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Do you believe that you create your own reality, but sometimes struggle with old habits of thought and patterns of belief that no longer serve you?

At this meetup you’ll learn techniques, processes and practices that will help you raise your vibration and become consistent in choosing perspectives that support what you want to create.

My name’s Elizabeth and about fifteen years ago I came across Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction - that was my light bulb moment - nothing had resonated with me so powerfully before.

And while over the years I’ve learned how to create the life I want to live (and am still learning), I sometimes struggled to be consistent with it.

I’d ‘fall off the wagon’, slipping into old habits of thought I knew didn’t serve me or I’d take action without taking the time to first line up my energy.

So often we understand on an intellectual level that we create our own reality and but struggle to change the way we approach our lives.

Over the years I’ve learned how to become more deliberate in what I create and how I enjoy life, rather than just living on autopilot.

I’ve started this meetup to share some of the techniques I use as a trained life coach to choose perspectives that support and nurture the things we want to create in our lives, in a group setting that’s friendly, relaxed, encouraging and supportive of each other.

If this resonates then I’d love to meet you - come along to a meeting which are held in central London at a venue to be announced.

Any questions feel free to ask.

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