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“Deliberately” is defined as “consciously and intentionally”. Are you consciously and intentionally trying to become a better father, a better husband, working to improve your fitness, better your career, and succeed financially?

Deliberately Dad is a place for like minded guys to share information, discuss being a husband and a father, career building, entrepreneurship, health and fitness and personal success. The idea is to help each other kick ass, in all facets of our lives. It's a place to meet other dads, ask for advice, share experiences, network, expand our social circle and learn.

Most of us have a lot on our plate. It's not an easy task to succeed both in the workplace, and in the home. Raising great kids, being a great husband, making money, getting an education, keeping up with your industry, staying fit, improving in your personal hobbies, reaching your goals, managing stress and staying positive; yea, we've got a lot on our plates.

So this group is for dads. It's also for guys trying to be their best, who know they want to be a dad. It's for guys with a lot of experience and success and a desire to share and help others. It's for guys looking for advice or direction. It's for dads looking to network, make friends, make a career change, or seek advice, help, or accountability partners for specific goals.

I hope to have a very active group, and an active page on Facebook. Regular meet-ups and events is definitely a group goal, so feel free to get involved and make suggestions. There are CONTENT EXPERTS on this page; financial planners, fitness trainers, teachers, accountants, loan officers, investors, coaches, graphic designers, computer experts, athletes... we've got guys who are heavily into their hobbies from golf to dirt bikes, mountain bikes, martial arts, rock-climbing, soccer...

...want to build your business or gain clients through the page? Be a guest speaker or content expert at a get-together. We'll grab a room at a restaurant or bar, hang out, and listen to you. Want to be an advocate for your sport or hobby, and help other guys get involved? Let's plan a meet-up and you can teach us some basics and help guys get started. Want to go play a round of golf, plan a ride, or a hike? Use the group and our Facebook page to find guys at your skill level and do it! Want to get your kids together? Network through this group!


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Easter Egg Hunt and Lap-A-Thon

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Kids mountain bike ride and pancake breakfast!

Usery Mountain Regional Park

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