• Let's Stop Making People Feel Stupid


    Doors open - 18:30 Clare Sudbery - 19:00 - 20:00 QA until close at 20:30 We are excited to announce that Clare Sudbery, a lead consultant developer with ThoughtWorks, will deliver a sneak preview for her talk for Agile Manchester. “I know nothing.” “I know less than nothing.” “I am an impostor.” Have you ever had these thoughts? Have you wondered why? Would you like to reduce the frequency of those thoughts for yourself, your colleagues and people who are yet to even consider joining your profession? Have you ever heard people say things like this: “Wow, I just discovered my colleague doesn’t understand Y. I’m shocked.” “Can you believe, I just interviewed this dev, and they didn’t even know what a Z was?” Over my 18-year software career, those last two have been said to me countless times. They are said derisively, scornfully, impatiently. And every time those words are said, we lose both existing and potential members of our profession. We lose them because they feel stupid; because they believe they can’t keep up; because they’re terrified that people are saying the same things about them. If somebody already feels like they don't fit in, then this kind of pressure and insecurity can be the final shove that persuades them to leave the profession or not try and join in the first place. Women and non-binary people, people of colour, older people, LGBT people and many other under-represented groups are strongly impacted by intellectual elitism. Indeed ALL software professionals are impacted. Instead of knowledge, let’s focus on aptitude. Instead of judging people on what they don’t know, let’s help them to feel excited about all the new things they’re going to discover. We want to build strong, capable, diverse, multi-functional teams that can happily embrace any challenge. To do this, we need to nurture our teams by building confidence and eradicating insecurity. Instead of saying, “For God’s sake, do you really not know about X?” let’s say “Fantastic, you don’t know about X! Lucky you. That means you get to learn it. What can I do to help?” Looking forward to seeing you there.

  • Deliver Conference Warm-up


    The day before Deliver Conference (http://deliverconf.co.uk/) we will be holding a free meet-up to kick it off. As its the new year we are discussing Team/project reboots, Retros and Continual improvement. We will have speakers delivering case studies and talks from: • Valtech • Liberonet • BBC • Rentalcars We are always looking for potential subjects and speakers, please use this form to submit your ideas - https://dpmuk.typeform.com/to/KV3Fqa ---- Tickets are available for Deliver Conference 24-25th Jan starting at £85 Join us for two days of workshops, talks and case studies on subjects like OKRs, data driven delivery and building the right thing. Deliver Conference (http://deliverconf.co.uk/) See you there, Matt

  • Visualising Product Development Workflow


    Our next meet-up will have presentations on the way teams in different organisations visualise their workflow: • Paul Dambra - Co-op Digital Where we're going we won't need columns: An experience report of a few boards that have thrown out columns in favour of conversation. Why we tried them, what we learned, and whether we'd do it again. • Peter Mary - Sainsburys Digital Working with remote stakeholders can be challenging. This talk explores how techniques such as story walls, product road-maps, and big visual boards can promote collaboration and visualisation. The talk will also cover how technology can help teams optimise time when collaborating remotely • Eleanor Mollett - Department Work and Pensions Digital Teams across DWP use Scrum as standard. I will be discussing the problems my team had with scrum in visualising and coordinating all the work happening on a recent project across different stages and disciplines, and how moving to kanban has improved this. • Arron Dunphy - CTI Digital Out of Scope Backlog - a visual, practical way to manage scope These case studies will leave you with new ideas to try in your own teams and an appreciation that there perhaps isn't one correct way? We are always looking for potential subjects and speakers, please use this form to submit your ideas - https://dpmuk.typeform.com/to/KV3Fqa

  • What is safety? And why is it important anyway?

    Hi everyone! We had a SUMMER BREAK over July and August and we're glad to be back. We'll be back at Valtech's offices, where it's warm and dry and refreshments are plenty. Thanks for looking after us like you always do Valtech. For September, John Le Drew will present his highly interactive talk "Swearing, nudity and other vulnerable positions", which will guide and challenge us through a journey to understanding safety. Including short interactive sessions and role play exercises to cover the following topics: • What are the elements that make a team effective? • Is psychological safety the foundation to team performance? • What can we all do to help foster psychological safety in our teams? • Understand some of the key signs of unsafety in teams. • What is the relationship between safety, stress and engagement? ------ Looking forward to seeing you all again, Shahina and Matt p.s. this is very sadly Shahina's last Deliver Sessions... possibly forever! If it turned it into a surpise leaving party we wouldn't mind. p.p.s. Matt almost definitely wrote that last 'p.s.' message about the party. It wasn't Shahina, honest.

  • Delivery Quiz


    Deliver Sessions - we're having a quiz and a social! This month we are planning something a little different (yet again!) Do you fancy being crowned quiz champion and being the envy of your peers? (We can't guarantee envy but you retain bragging rights at least). Come to Deliver Sessions on May 30th where we will have puzzlers, pizzas and prizes! Meet-up doors open 6.30pm at our usual spot, Valtech offices, with our quiz starting at 7.00pm. We need a prompt start because afterwards we're heading to Blue Pig (a bar downstairs) where we can carry on the conversations over drinks that Valtech that are sponsoring! Oh and did we mention quiz prizes? Frequently Asked Questions: Q. Do I need to be a Delivery Manager, Product Owner, Digital Project Manager or [insert job title] to come to the quiz? A: Nope! As with all our meet-ups, you're invited, and so are your colleagues. The more variety we have the better! Q. Do I have to choose between free pizza, free drinks or free fun? A: No, you can have all three! Join us at 6.30pm and stick around for all three. Please make sure you update your RSVP so we bring enough of everything! Q. How nerdy is this quiz going to be? A: We're not sure, we haven't written it yet. But at least a little bit :) Join us on Tuesday May 30th for our first social of the year and ease back into the week after the bank holiday. RSVP 'Attending' and share the invite with your team mates and friends. See you there! Shahina and Matt ------ We are always looking for speakers to submit ideas for talks at our next meet-ups. You can suggest talk via our online form (https://dpmuk.typeform.com/to/KV3Fqa) or @deliversessions (https://twitter.com/DeliverSessions)

  • Unmeet-up


    We are going to try something slightly different and exciting this month and open up the floor to everyone. What is an unmeet-up??? Likes its namesake (an unconference) this is born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. An event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees. Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join. Doors open 6:30, there will be pizza, sushi and assorted beverages. Sessions start just after 7pm - 9pm. No spectators - only participants • 1st Rule: You HAVE to present. (Ok, you don't really HAVE to, but try to find someone to present with, or at least ask questions and be an interactive participant.) • 2nd Rule: If you want to present, you must write your topic and name in a presentation slot. A white board will be available on arrival for these. • 3rd Rule: Ensure your topic is in some way related to the groups interests. Presentations promoting specific commercial products or companies are discouraged. This is not a stage for self promotion but one for group learning. ---- We are always looking for speakers to submit ideas for talks/workshops/ at our next meet-ups. You can suggest talk in one of a few ways: - via our online form (https://dpmuk.typeform.com/to/KV3Fqa) for sign ups ( https://dpmuk.typeform.com/to/KV3Fqa) - tweet us @deliversessions (https://twitter.com/DeliverSessions) - message us in the Digital Delivery Slack group (if you don't have an invite let us know or sign up here: If you have a not-quite-fully-formed idea, then feel free to let us know, we are happy to work with you.

  • Delivering to deadlines


    Want to know about the two fabulous extra speakers for this meet-up and an awesome not to be missed free ticket giveaway for Ground Control...read on The subject of this session will be deadlines - everyones favourite subject...right! Agenda: • Case Study from Neil Vass - Delivering to Deadlines • Lightening talk from Chris Burns - How to get focused on building the right product • Lightening talk from Sol Byambadorj - Help, I have a bad deadline! • Moderated group discussion on the challenges and techniques of managing deadlines. An ideal opportunity to get into the detail and discuss your own challenges. - Neil Vass will talk through the planning and delivery of Terrific Scientific - a nationwide Primary schools science campaign with strict deadlines, ambitious but unclear scope, and not quite enough time to get it all done. Neil has worked in a variety of roles on Waterfall, Agile, and Fragile projects, and is currently working as an agile project manager at the BBC. Previous project experience includes automating medical image analysis, specifying laboratory information management systems and building a motion-tracking toothbrush to study brushing technique. It's people problems that are the most interesting, though. - Chris Burns will talk about the ways to get focused on building the right product, making sure every element adds value and is not something that isn't absolutely necessary at the date of the deadline. Chris recently joined the English Institute of Sport who work with Team GB and is Product Owner of their digital solutions relating to athlete performance, health and wellbeing. - Sol Byambadorj will talk about what deadline means to different people and useful techniques to turn it around for the better. Sol is a DPM at Delineo in Manchester. Ground Control Ticket Giveaway! Please note: There is no need to RSVP to this meetup event, simply enter the giveaway here: Ground Control (http://2017.groundcontrolconf.com/) is a new multi-track conference from the organisers of Render Conf, The Lead Developer and AngularConnect, and we're thrilled to give away a free ticket to one lucky winner. Enter the draw before 7th April (http://www2.whiteoctoberevents.co.uk/deliver-sessions-giveaway) for the chance to win! If you don't win, the organisers will send you a 10% discount link for a conference ticket :) This 1-day event chaired by the fantastic Brett Harned is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge to run your projects more effectively, and features: • Sam Barnes on the absolute basics you need to get right to guarantee your project's success • Meri Williams on how to create an inclusive environment where all types of people can thrive • Michael Lopp (aka Rands) on small, simple, and accessible means to hack the impossible job of leadership • Shahina Patel on the ways teams can apply design thinking techniques to their own workings for continuous improvement and refinement and happiness • Natalie Semczuk on taking better care of our web projects by thinking about their post-launch lives early on in our processes and lots more…

  • Retrospectives workshop - a triple bill!


    When: Tuesday 28th February, 6.30pm Where: Valtech, Basil Chambers, Manchester What: Retrospectives – why do they matter? Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Does that sound familiar? Do you get stuck in project Groundhog Day, seeing the same mistakes repeated? The first step to improving things is to understand what you’re doing now and changing where needed. You can do this - with the right retrospective, at the right time. How: 1. The Zombie Retro – Anticipate project challenges and take stock of what successful practices are already in place. 2.The Ishikawa (fishbone) technique – Great at getting to the underlying causes of complex problems. 3.The Team Health Monitor: Measure your team score, on the eight attributes common among healthy teams. Who: We have not one, not two but THREE facilitators for this session! We'll be learning and workshopping with: Sam Cann: Senior Project Manager at the BBC, Sam works on iPlayer TV. Sam believes retrospectives can break down interpersonal barriers, helping to escape the dreaded ‘cocktail party’ atmosphere. Liz Calder: An experienced Business Analyst, Liz has worked in with teams in all sizes of organisations with all kinds of methodologies. Liz believes retrospectives, approached with an open mind, are the ideal way to improvement. Matt Thornhill: Senior Delivery Lead at the BBC, Matt's work leading digital projects has fuelled his desire to keep learning and he believes that retrospectives are the best way to help your team do the same. See you there! Shahina

  • New Year, New You. Old Brain.


    It's a New Year and all the mistakes of last year are in the past. Everything is fresh and new and you’re going to do everything perfectly this year. Just like last year. And the year before that...right? Or maybe not, no matter how hard you try. Why do we keep falling into the same habits, despite our best intentions? How can we finally make lasting changes to how we work and do things the way we know we’re capable of? This talk is not what you might picture when you think 'motivational talk'. There's no power poses, personal mantras or anyone wearing a headset. Instead, we’ll look at things from the perspective of psychology and neuroscience to figure out things like: - why you do one thing when you know you should do something else - how habits work and how to make or break them - how to set - and keep - goals - how to prioritize and focus your work Our talk is by Carson Pierce (see him over on Twitter: @carsonpierce (https://twitter.com/carsonpierce)) and Shahina Patel (see her over on Twitter: @shhh_hina (https://twitter.com/shhh_hina)) who are both project managers with a keen interest in behavioural neuroscience and asking: "So, why are we like that?" Carson and Shahina will bring tips, tricks and some practical exercises that we hope will help you achieve goals you set in your work and life in 2017. We'll see you there!