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Everyone has angels! Whether you call them angels, spirit guides, helpers, messengers of God or your higher self, you can connect with this inner guidance to receive wisdom, insight and direction. Your angels are here to help you live your life purpose.

This Meetup is for people who already are, or who would like to communicate directly with their angels. Meet, share and fellowship with like-minded people! You will also experience techniques that will help you develop and trust your intuition! This is not a discussion group, but an organized, step-by-step process for spiritual and angelic discovery.

Learn to unfold your four spiritual gifts of inner hearing, inner seeing, feeling and knowing.

Connect with your angels for help in all areas of your life from helping you with career moves and finding or improving relationships. The more you do this, the more you will be in the right place at the right time and feel fulfilled.

Your spiritual helpers can help you clarify and live your life purpose. You will know what you truly need to be doing and the best way to do it.

When you pass on from the physical world your angels will continue to help you. You will feel inner peace and security the more you consciously connect with your spiritual helpers.

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Otherwise, please join this Delray Angels Meetup and come to our Meetup or you will be notified of the next Connect with Angels Meetup.



When I was in college (too) many years ago, I heard a talk about angels and my life purpose. As part of the follow-up techniques that we did, I started having personal experiences with angels. They visited me one evening. I saw and felt them around me. After that, there was no doubt that I really did have angels helping me.

In the techniques that follow this bigger picture lecture (now the Connect with Angels Meetup Step One), I found out that I had a personal team of angels to help me live my purpose and how to have clear two-way communication with them.

Until then I was unsure of myself and sometimes afraid to go out and go after certain things I desired for my life. I probably would have given up on my journalism degree at that time, but my angels recommended that I finish it off. Being able to communicate with them changed my whole attitude about life.

What an adventure it has been over the years. First being a journalist, then a senior policy advisor and speech writer in government. By communicating directly with my Angels, they always advised me on places to live, the work that was best for me and especially on relationships and other major decisions in my life.

Most of all though, I have spent much of the last 20 years sharing about angels, how anyone can have clear, two-way communication with their team of angels and live their unique purpose.

I show people the same easy-to-do and powerful techniques that I have used to connect with my spiritual helpers.

I have been lecturing and doing Angels Workshops in many cities in Canada and the US.

I am currently in South Florida. I also live part of the year in Toronto. I am now holding programs in Broward, Palm Beach County, Miami and Tampa. Besides these lectures there are follow-up, more in-depth programs, much like I experienced years ago.

It is terrific to meet people everywhere I go who are connecting more consciously with their angels. They are finding how practical and wonderful an experience this is, and they find more meaning in their lives, as a result. Hope you can come to the next Meetup or feel free to contact me.

For a free report on Angels in Our Lives: A Deeper Understanding, go to http://www.HearYourAngels.com

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