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In a world of mindless behavior the search for mindlessness becomes elusive. Being mindful in the present moment allows us to become more aware of our surroundings. However we stop there, limiting ourselves to our sensory perceptions in our own personal present moment.

To learn mindlessness and become detached and disengaged, to witness your consciousness, allows you to no longer be the actor in the movie of your life. You become a witness of who you "are". This is the true "being" state. The question is how to reach that state while we are totally immersed in the surroundings of our life.

Acceptance, surrender to the flow of the universe, to be in a mindless state, a Zen of no mind, frees us from the boundaries of time and space and the boundaries of our own mind. There we realize we are a part of the universal energy where all of our potential can be seen. Perhaps then, in a Zen of no mind we can reach that potential and witness the true meaning of life realized.

This group is dedicated to meeting minds in a meeting of the minds to create an atmosphere that will allow us to realize the potential that we all seek.

Through meetups, classes, focus groups and letting go, we will allow the universe to help us choose the work we love and clear ourselves of distractions by finding quiet to reach our peak and enjoy ourselves in our own movie of life.

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