What we're about

HI, everyone! Phil Gruber here.

I'm the director of Delta Force Improv here in Singapore!

We've been rehearsing for our first on-line show.

If you'd like to join the cast for future on-line shows, please let me know.

Your organizer stepped down and no one was coming forward to keep the group going, so I stepped up, or else the group was going to go the way of the dinosaurs.

I kinda like the idea of having a branch of Delta Force there in L.A. I was there last October and I lived and breathed improv the whole time I was there!

I'm also engaging legendary improvisers to conduct classes for the team via Zoom. So far, we've had Jeff Michalski, Brian Palermo and in a couple of weeks Susan Messing, with more to come!

Looks like the on-line format (we'll be using Zoom) is gonna be with us for the duration.

Who knows when things will return to some something resembling whatever normal was!

In the meantime, lotsalove and be well, well!


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