What we're about

WHO WE ARE? Socialist Center is an effort to solve the problems faced by every Indian. It represents democratic socialist ideology that strives to achieve welfare of all in a peaceful, law abiding and democratic manner. We stand for the rights of each and every Indian - be it workers, farmers, students, professionals, servicemen, housewives, senior citizens, children, unemployed, self-employed, beggars, homeless, and other sections of our society. WHAT WE STAND AGAINST? We publicly condemn and stand against the neo-liberalist and crony capitalist policies that serve only the richest and exploit every section of the society. These neo-liberalists and crony capitalists have hijacked the policy-making mechanism, looted the resources of our country and left this country with nothing but poverty, hunger, malnourished children, poor public health system, crimes, inflation, unemployment, poor economy, illiteracy, environmental destruction, and other problems. We also condemn any social order with dictatorial characteristics. WHAT WE STAND FOR? 1) Free, High Quality Education For All From Pre-School Through University 2) Free, High Quality Public Health Care System 3) Affordable Basic Necessities Of Life : Food and Shelter 4) Equal Opportunities For All 5) Secure Jobs For All (in both Public and Private Sector) 6) Better, Guaranteed Pay, Wages and Salaries 7) Improved Working Conditions 8) Protection Of Farmers’ Rights 9) Effective Social Security System For Each and Every Citizen 10) Rule of Law: Justice for All 11) Safety of Our Citizens (Law and Order) 12) Efficient, Certain, Non-Discriminatory and Time Bound Legal/Judicial System 13) Zero Tolerance Towards Crime and Corruption 14) Innovation 15) Scientific Research and Development 16) Utilization Of The Resources For The Welfare Of Each And Every Citizen 17) Governance and Administration with a Vision 18) Provision of Free Public Utilities and Social Services 19) Cleanliness and Improved Sanitation 20) Sustainable Development with focus on Environment 21) Massive Expansion of low fare, convenient and accessible Public Transport 22) Women Empowerment