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Acroyoga sunday jam, climbing on top of each other
== Weekly Sunday afternoon AcroYoga Jam session in The Hague The Sunday jam sessions are organized by The Hague AcroYoga community. Everybody is welcome to join and play. An AcroJam is where we get together to hang out, practice our skills and play. A jam is not a workshop or a lesson, it is simply a gathering of like-minded people who love acrobatics, yoga or like to connect with others. We will start with 15min connecting- and fun games. This way we want to connect the new joiners with the community. After that, it's jam-time at your will! == Time: 14:00 – 16:00 Door is open at: 13:50 == Location: Dojo, Mient 277, 2564 KM Den Haag (The old library) The location is near to perfect. The floor is protected with thick mats, there is a high ceiling and a lot of space to play. There is also free parking. == Entrance fee per session: (To pay the rent of the space) - First-time: Free (Your first time visiting our jam? You’re welcome as our guest) - Quarterly payments (3 months): €48 (€4 per jam) - Monthly payment: €20 (€5 per jam) - Single visit: €7,50 per jam == Recommendation for acroJams (safety and hygiene): - Bring a towel. - Wash your hands BEFORE and after the jam sessions. Jams are to share love, not to share germs. - Wash your feet before joining the jam sessions and make sure your nails are trimmed. Fresh feet = more play time! - An AcroJam is not a substitute for acroyoga class. It is a place to meet and share. Be mindful of your safety. If it’s your first time doing acro, make sure an experienced acro-yogi is supporting you. Otherwise, we recommend you take acroyoga classes first before joining the jam sessions. You are responsible for your own safety. See also our facebook event: Our community page:

Hagukumi dojo

Mient 277 · Den Haag

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This group is for anyone interested in meditation and inspirational positive initiatives.

• MEDITATION; As a life coach I love to inspire other people. Meditation is of great benefit to make your mind more calm and feel more relax in day life. With great atmosphere, sweet people and lovely energy I give meditations. There's no experience level in meditation. You can make meditation as easy or as hard as you like. It is all about intent...

• POSITIVE INITIATIVES; With three organizers and a whole lot of followers, we create original positive initiatives. We believe in inspiring people to inspire their selves. For example, with our group we spread ourselves in the center carrying compliment signs. When a passenger came by, we showed the sign. Besides that we got so much positive energy from doing this, the reactions of the people we surprised with our initiatives are always amazing.

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