What we're about

I want to start a movement for anyone who wants to meet up to learn about tarot and start practicing readings, this is supposed to be a begginers orientation class, where we can agree a place to meet and practice. I’ve been reading tarot for 17 years and have found that most workshops give you general information but lack the guidance needed to really tap into your intuition, so that you don’t feel lost when doing it alone. This is my aim, to start this endevour I will do so accepting voluntary donations since the most important aim is to grow and learn, but I think it’s fair that energy must be exchanged as well.

This is the idea what you’d be learning:

Go over the basics general meanings, and how to use the meaning booklets as you learn.

Teach the ways to know which meaning Use from all the different ones associated to each different card.

How to connect each card.

Different ways to read that vary from the main forms or reads.

Reading each other’s cards, which help because we’d be strangers to each other, and helps practice with myself to guide you when needed, so that you know what to do hewn you are practicing by yourself.

Teach how to know when your intuition is activated and how to listen to it.

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