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Discover the REAL reason for women to find their Girl Power and Hang with Her! This group is for powerful women who know the system is broken and want to be part of leading, living and loving from her inner Girl Power! You will: * Hear the story of why women are so hard on themselves & how to rewrite that sucker! * Get the 4-1-1- on why women can be so mean to other women & don your own SuperSuit to save our Girls Worlds! * Reconnect with your inner wild magical GIRL & learn to play again all the way to living the life you deeply desire! *Own Your Feminine Power while still LOVING your man, your lipstick & your heels!

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I am posting access to the recording of my webinar last week with my cohort in co-creating Sue Bevins so you all can leisurely learn more about us to decide about attending the October 18 Meetup in Denver!! There are still a few seats in the circle open! And, this circle has now expanded to include men!! Moving from the head to the heart is non-gender specific wisdom that benefits all beings! The conference call recording, Hear Our Stories & Resonate with Our Energy, created on 9/28/2015 has been made available for dial-in access. To listen to this recording by telephone please dial[masked] and enter Recording ID:[masked] when prompted for it. Some recording features are available to you once you're listening. 1 will pause 2 will rewind 1 minute 3 will forward 1 minute This service is provided by the folks at www.freeconferencecalling.com.

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