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Are you an adult living in Denver or one of the surrounding cities with high-functioning autism (Asperger's), but you can't find a Meetup group that does sociable events for adults? Are you only running into Meetups that are only for parents with children with autism, social Meetup groups only for teens/young adults, or Meetups only meant for support but not meant for socializing? This is the group for you then! We intend on getting together for fun things, like bowling, trivia, going to movies, or other activities that members of our group are interested in. This is not a group that gets together to just talk about our condition, but one that has people with our condition meet each other and maybe find a new friend by doing fun things to break the ice! As we all know, it's difficult for us to find new friends because we are very introverted in most cases. It might be more comfortable to find a friend who has the same condition because we can relate. I am going to schedule Meetup activities for us based off what I typically do for fun (which is trivia and going to movies or concerts), but I am more than happy to welcome suggestions for other activities in order for us (including myself) to expand our horizons.

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