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*** Looking for an Organizer to take over and actually START this Meetup! ***

Denver Area Dirty Dogs (along with their athletic humans) is a group specifically for high-energy, active, athletic dogs that RUN, pull and are otherwise fit beasts! Their humans don't have to be as fit as they are, but should have some level of fitness. We're here for the hardcore types as well as for those aspiring to get yourselves and/or your dogs into shape. The group's initial goal is to get together for small groups of canicross-style runs. Basically, if you're into or interested in trail running and you have a dog (at least 12-18 months old or older) that pulls, get a proper harness setup and join! You don't have to be fast to join this group, but it's not a walk-around-the-block kind of group either. No dog or human will be left behind. It's a no-drop dog, no-drop human crowd!

Eventually, the group will grow to include and host all dog-powered sports - bike joring, ski joring, scootering. If you're not familiar with these, but you have a dog suitable for such sports, then do an internet search, watch some videos, read some blogs, and then decide if you'd like to be a part of a movement to bring these sports to Colorado and beyond. And by "be a part of" I simply mean doing these sports solo, with others, or with this group to essentially make it more common here. People will ask questions when they see you/us, and this is a good thing! There are already people who do these sports, especially mushers up in the high country, so it's not NEW to Colorado. If anyone has experience with these sports and wishes to be a co-organizer, shout out!

If you've got questions about equipment, shoot me a message or jump on a group or forum. Dog people are always very helpful to others looking for information.

For the safety and comfort of your dog, we won't allow leashes attached to collars on faster runs. But if you're just getting started and want to show up to a future Canicross 101 event in a controlled environment, your collar and leash will work just fine for this.

Check out some of these links to familiarize yourself with what this group will be doing:
A few Facebook groups:

Resources for learning about canicross:


I started this group as a fun and exhilarating way to bring dogs and humans together for an activity that is beyond beneficial to the well-being of both species. If this interests you, join us!

Warm regards,

Leisa & "Two Speeds Only" GSP Bailey
Denver Area Dirty Dog Duo

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