The Lifecycle of Access: What’s Old, New & Improved, and In the Works


Presenters: Ebo Quansah & Shane Groff, Microsoft Corporation.

* Introduction
* Brief overview of Microsoft Access and its Timeline
* Current State of Access
* Plans for Microsoft Access in the future
* Demos of various Access applications, including new and improved features
* Q&A

Ebo is a Program Manager at Microsoft and has recently become the product lead for Access in July. Prior to this role, Ebo spent two years at Microsoft in a rotational program, rotating throughout four teams in different organizations, including the Netherlands subsidiary and Machine Learning teams. Ebo received his Bachelor's degree from Princeton University as an Operations Research and Financial Engineering major, which focuses on big data and complex system optimization, with a heavy emphasis on building algorithms, understanding how they work, and applying them to real-world situations. Ebo has always been very passionate and energetic about creating the best experience for our customers, especially from his time in the field, and he feels more than excited to play an active role in Access and help make the Access experience the best that it can ever be across our millions of customers.

Shane started programming on a TRS-80 in 1979, and after getting a BSc degree in Mathematics from the California Institute, came to work for Microsoft in 1989 as a software engineer. He has worked on every version of Microsoft Access since version 1.0, and feels quite some fondness for the product. He is glad to have been able to contribute to the success of all the people who have used Access over the years to solve their own complex problems.

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