Oil Painting Essentials, drop in 1-7pm


Workshop to learn oil painting basics from Alyssa Miller, a classically trained artist at Denver Art Society.
I studied studio foundations at Pikes Peak Community college in 2010, with a concentration on oil paint.
In this workshop, we will practice the "lifting" method to create depth and space on a canvas and learn how to build color from a live still life. Techniques and info included are palette theory, glazing, amount of oil to paint ratio, and working a canvas without "muddying" or oversaturating the image. I also give advice on canvas care, fixing muddiness, and storage of oil paints, along with tips for purchasing a starter oil set. Basic and complex shapes will be provided, to accomodate all levels of artist skill.
8x10 canvas provided, along with shared paint brushes and a shared palette. I will work with you on the main floor of the gallery.

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